Great Support Letter from Arkansas Confederation of Motorcyclists


To: Charley Barnes and Team Colorado

Greetings Patriot; I was scrounging through the 'net the other day, went to Arkansas Confederation of Motorcyclists (we don't have a CoC ), and came across your grand actions against a group that disgusts me to no end. After reading such a great story, I just had to thank you, and let you know that I think you and your "motorcycle buddies" are awesome. (I am writing as I do not do Facebook, and I gave up a long time ago trying to get through to a radio station by phone, and I could not find a link to e-mail you ).

I wear the patch of the Arkansas Baptist Bikers Association; my wife and I are members of the Jacksonville chapter - The Joshua Riders. We are a ministry of the Southern Baptist State Convention; we set up booths at rally's, poker runs, city festivals and so on in order to hand out literature, Bibles, pins, water; and to speak to those interested in our Lord and Savior. We also help out with the homeless down at the River in LR, and our chapter sponsors a home down at the Baptist Children's Home in Monticeiio. ( Please take note: I do not in any way consider Westboro to be either Baptist or a church!) Mary and I are also members of The Patriot Guard Riders, ABATE of Arkansas; and I'm a member of H.O.G. and a non motorcycle group called the Veterans Action Center, which is a fairly new organization here in AR.

I was so impressed by what you and your friends did that I posted how to get to your story in the Arkansas forums on the PGR website. I also sent the info to our chapter president so he could forward it to all of our ABBA members here in Jax. I also started a new blog on the Veterans Action Center biogs telling how to get to the story; and 1 told all what a great read it was, and a victory for all Patriots and Veterans. One of my friends that was one of the 3 founders of the VAC is in Rolling Thunder, as are several of my fellow PGR's; so I'm sure this will get around to members of Rolling Thunder by way of these individuals. 1 can say with great assurance; those of us in AR that are Patriots, Americans, and Veterans - we salute you and your friends for what you did!

Please pass along my sincere thanks to your friends that rode with you. Let them know that someone in AR, a veteran and the son of retired SGM, and the brother of a veteran; salutes all of you! May God Bless all of you for taking a stand.


Steven G. Ingram 
Arkansas Confederation of Motorcyclists
Arkansas Baptist Bikers Association