Welcome to Team America - Journey 4 Justice

Journey 4 JusticeThe purpose of this group is to To honor our fallen military men, women and all others by "expressing our right of free speech" and displaying the American flag in all its glory. To use the 1st Amendment to our advantage and hold those in Topeka accountable for their actions.  Please read the Mission Statement and decide whether this group is for you.

TENETS OF J4J - PLEASE Take the Time to Read This List!

    1. In order to "completely" understand our motivation for this organization you MUST read the first blog that spawned this group titled "Charley Barnes and Motorcycle Buddies Go Behind Enemy Lines" which you will also find in the "History" section under the "About J4J" tab as it will explain everything and why we do what we do and how it's done.
    2. We never call the wbc [hereby referred to as 'they', 'them' etc] by name. This all goes towards ignoring 'them.' 'They' want the attention so we try and make it a point to never give 'them' the satisfaction. 
    3. Field a "team" and plan a weekend trip to Topeka. Team trips are listed on the website so look for open dates. We try and leave the warmer summer months open for the long distance teams to travel. Local support is there every weekend to assist you.
    4. Teams are referred to as Texas 3, New York 2, Mississippi 1, Colorado 6 etc...
    5. We DO NOT picket or protest. A "flag" is not considered a "sign" so it's impossible to picket or protest. The flag however is considered a "banner" therefore we must follow the laws under "signage" (must be 50' away from a church while in service 1/2 hour before and after service times) since the banner falls under that category but we NEVER use the "P" words. We "express our right of free speech."  The "P" words are very negative in nature so it's priority that we NEVER use them. 
    6. State flags are priority for teams. The whole point is to show Topeka where you came from on any given weekend. It's to remind locals that they can do something. You are welcome and encouraged to fly any flag you wish as long as your State flag is among them.
    7. We never post anything on our group pages from their website nor so we sponsor or support any sign holding group in or out of Topeka.  We are anti sign and against the whole idea of signage. We also highly recommend you ignore them if they come to your town. They want you to show up so they will get all the media attention, so don't show up. Find ways to keep people away and let them stand with their signs to an empty street. If you go to one of their scheduled pickets they will only thank you via twitter, fb etc. What we do is what they don't want and that is exactly why we do it.
    8. We always take the high road and pride ourselves in being very lawful and courteous especially while wearing team or logo gear. When representing J4J you are an Ambassador of the group and expected to act accordingly at all times while in public places.